The Aces Casino Blog: The Aces Casino Blog: Volume 2 Of Our "Hopefully" Wildly Popular Series

The New Years’ Eve Calendar Is Ready To Explode AGAIN for The Year 2020? (Yes, But With One Small Omission, that We Are Ready To Re-Cover.)

Here at Aces Casino, the crew also known as the top Orange County Casino Night Party Company on the west coast, we truly love it when the calendar changes from the current year, and into the next.   We love this change of seasons for one reason — 

The New Years’ Eve events are LEGENDARY.

Surprisingly, Aces Casino Entertainment, thru one small calendar omission, still does have one full casino team and gaming tables available for this coming Tuesday, A.K.A. New Years’ Eve.  

So, for all of the many fans of Aces Casino, who LOVE that crazy bunch of casino entertainers that hang around in our facility from time to time, today is your lucky day.  If your company or private party is looking for a casino team to work your special event on December 31st and are having a hard time finding a company that still has an opening, We proudly suggest that you give Aces Casino Entertainment a call.  

We still have one opening for next Tuesday.  Repeat – We have a team ready to grab that spot on your calendar.  Give us a call at our main offices at 562) 943-5693, and ask us for the New Years’ Eve Special.  

You’ll be glad you did!  

Plus — Our casino blog team will be returning on Monday, to fill the Aces Casino Blog pages with their traditional wordsmith drivel.  See you on Monday!

Author: Frank Gonzalez