The Aces Casino Blog: The Aces Casino Blog: Volume 2 Of Our "Hopefully" Wildly Popular Series

The Aces Casino Blog: The Aces Casino Blog: We Were Looking For Something To Peak Our Interest

Without question, the staff here at the Aces Casino Blog (You remember them – That kooky orange county casino party team) has been suffering right along with all of our friends in the entertainment business, with this dumb COVid19 thingy hanging over everyone’s heads.

It’s been more than a little crazy around here, what with all of our March 2020 events contacting us with requests for postponements to months later in the 2020 year (Ed. Note: which we have no problem with.  July and August are going to be a blast, and December should be worry-free by then). 

It’s now late March, and things (Ed. Note: as you can imagine) have calmed down, considerably.  WAY down.  All of our events have moved back on the calendar, and our staff, as you can guess, has been cut down to just three of us – One to answer the phone, and the other two to perform what they call “advance marketing work.”  (Ed. Note: Including, A.K.A. “The Aces Casino Blog.”)

So… The boss came to us and asked, since we’re both sitting around on our butts and doing nothing, if we could do some sort of “daily post” on our goofy blog.

Uhh… Sure, why not.

Now, those of you that know the Blog from the top orange county casino night party crew on the west coast know that we’ve been all over the irreverent map, sharing our knowledge of everything from our Super Bowl-predicting dog (Ed. Note: who took over for Henny Penny at Knott’s Berry Farm) to our coverage of “The Battle of Santa Monica Bay” know that we can find ideas anywhere.

She stretched Our Winning Record to 24-1.

Oh, yeah.  We’ll find something, we said.  

And then, my beautiful wife had found something online that caught her eye, and mentioned to me that I should go and check it out.  The topic she found — Everyday people creating what they call “home-made Disneyland rides.”  These creative souls all have their favorite Disneyland ride, and to pay homage to their love for these popular and well – known rides that we’ve all been on, they all take things lying around the house and create their own “ride.”

We loved the idea…. So, without further adieu, we present to you episode 1 of our newest Aces Casino Blog Episode…. The “Homemade Haunted Mansion ride!

How cute is THIS?

So, since we have the time (boy, do we have the TIME.), we’re going to make daily episodes of this very creative phenomenon.  Hope you enjoy these lil’ ditties, courtesy of the top orange county casino night party crew in southern California — Aces Casino!  We’ll be back tomorrow, hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

Author: Frank Gonzalez