The Aces Casino Blog: The Aces Casino Blog: Volume 2 Of Our "Hopefully" Wildly Popular Series

If You’re Looking For a Place To Brush Up On The History Of Godzilla, You’ve Come To The Right Place (Where’s The Peanuts?)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, well known around these-here-parts as the top Orange County Casino Party Company on the west coast, we just love interesting trivia (Ed. Note: AND interesting casino games, too.).  And nothing has sparked some back-and-forth discussions in the halls of Aces Casino quite like this lil’ ditty….

….Godzilla has made more motion pictures than James Bond.

I know, I found it hard to believe, as well.  Cost me a lunch bet.  That reminds me — Never bet against the Construction and Design team here at Aces Casino.  They’re always looking for ways to cheat us bloggers out of our hard-earned coinage.

So, for the price of 2 pizzas, a hot dog and a chicken-bake at Costco, the blog team here at Aces Casino, those orange county casino night party crazies, proudly present the be-all, end-all You-Tube vid that chronicles the history of that big, green lizard, known as “Godzilla, KING Of The Monsters!”

Yep, that’s him. Warning – The IMAX version is LOUD.

That’ll do for this week’s Monday Aces Casino Blog posting…. Back Thursday with more goofy, irreverent blather.

Oh — That tease about “The Peanuts?”  I thought they hung out with Gojira, but it now appears that they only sing for Mothra.  Sue me.  Peanuts, Peanuts, get yer Peanuts right here….

Love me some Peanuts. They’re the two chicks in the white.

Oh, one more thing… Aces Casino Entertainment just became a “Top Performer” on the Gig Salad website.  Just another milestone for the top orange county casino party company, Aces Casino!

Author: Frank Gonzalez