Our Pigskin Prognosticating Puggle Hammers Another Correct Selection in Our Super Bowl Prediction Tournament (We're 22-and-1!)

Contrary To Popular Opinion, The Aces Blog Crew Was NOT a victim of the Government Shutdown (But We Ditched, Anyway)

Ahhh, It’s good to be back.

For those of you that wondered where the top orange county casino party Blog crew was these last few months, well, we were pre-empted by the company’s fantasy football hijackers, who had a team in the “Final Four,” whatever that is.

The good news is … They choked in the playoffs, and didn’t repeat as champions.  

Gee, that’s too bad.

So — Yes, we are back, and, during our vacation, we’ve developed quite a few topics to ponder in the coming weeks, months, and year.  Yep — We’re loaded.  (Ed. Note: THAT’S no surprise.  And, for the record, we forgot to change our fantasy football lineup on our last week.  That’s why we lost, we did NOT “choke.”)

But — Since it’s still REAL football season, and not FAKE football season, we thought it’d be a good idea to return to our roots and bring back one of the more popular blog threads that has been a part of the Blog since, well, before the Blog was born.

Our infamous “Annual Aces Casino Blog Super Bowl Prediction!”

Now, for those of you that haven’t kept up on our annual Super Bowl “dart-throw,” the staff here at Aces Casino Entertainment, also known as the top orange county casino night party crew on the west coast, thought that it’d be a great idea to provide the masses with our Super Bowl game prediction.

Now, WE didn’t want to be the group that made some dopey pick, and found out that we picked the wrong team, thus perpetually staining our reputation in the football prognostication business.

So, we decided to let someone ELSE pick the winner for us.  Someone with impeccable talent, and an eye for winners.

We chose Henny-Penny, the famous Knotts Berry Farm piano-playing chicken.  Here’s the link to THAT chicken-pickin-phenom, and the subsequent selections, courtesy of the top orange county casino night team, Aces Casino. (Ed. Note:  Shameless plug.)

Papa, still another correct picker.

We’ve found more links to the Super Bowl picks, here and here.  Here’s one vid we found….

From Henny-Penny, to Anastasia, and all points east and west, we’ve had a terrific run at this Super Bowl-thingy.  As you may have surmised from our past Blog posts on this subject, we now use Honey, the office’s mascot and latest picker-extraordinaire, to officially make our selections.  And, she will do so, on Thursday, January 31, also known as “Pick-time!”

We’ll have more links to the Henny-Penny story right here, when we find them in our vast array of dumb Aces Casino Blog posts, so stay tuned.  We’ll be back on Thursday with more goofiness, courtesy of Aces Casino Entertainment, the top orange county casino party company on the west coast!

Author: Frank Gonzalez