The Aces Casino Blog: The Aces Casino Blog: Volume 2 Of Our "Hopefully" Wildly Popular Series

Contrary To Popular Belief, Aces Casino Is Very Much Alive, And (Most Of The) Event Calendar Is Still (Almost) 100 Percent Active!

Without question, our team of dealers and staff members here at Aces Casino Entertainment are the best team of casino entertainers on the west coast.  And, because of our love for all of our Aces Casino team members and our long list of terrific clients that have supported us for the better part of the last 25 years, it has been determined that the Aces Casino Blog team should post a little ditty in regards to this goofy “pandemic” that has a lot of people in a twist, and say a few words about the state of Aces Casino affairs.

So, here goes.

We understand that Aces Casino, being a prominent member of the niche entertainment community here in southern California, must keep track of not only the Las Vegas scene, but the local news as well.  Once the CO-VID 19 virus made it’s way onto the front pages of the Orange County Register, we knew that we would have to adjust a bit as January faded from our event calendar, and March came into view. 

Unfortunately, as we now move into present day, “things have taken an uneasy turn” with our March 2020 event calendar.  Three major events fell off of the calendar, with one event re-scheduling for late July, and the other two currently looking into advance dates with the location venues that they’ve selected.

The best news of all?  That NONE of these March events had cancelled – only POSTPONED.  Our clients are sticking by Aces Casino Entertainment, and have committed to us that once the venue and vendor issues are worked out, those two events will also return to the Aces Casino Event Calendar.

So, here’s how things stand.  On our April calendar, only one event has fallen off, due to the COV-ID 19 thingy.  The rest of the scheduled April events are still in place, and waiting for more helpful info from the communities involved, to see if this virus begins to back off enough to where the events could go on as scheduled.  If more events DO fall off, due to bad timing caused by this stupid so-called “virus,” well, that’s the way it goes.

“We’ll See.” 

For our staff members, you’ve known for quite some time that we want our team to call us or e-mail us whenever you have time or have questions about how their particular events are moving forward.  We’ve NEVER forced dealers to call on certain days.  We don’t work that way.  Got questions?  Call us! ANY time. 

The best news of all?  Aces Casino is open.  10am to 5:30pm, Monday thru Friday, just like the last 25+ years! 

And last, just a reminder.  CO-VID-19 is just a flu-like virus.  Stay safe and stay protected, while this thing runs it’s course.  By kind to your neighbors, help everyone in your family that needs a little help, do a little shopping.  And PLEASE — QUIT buying all the TOILET PAPER!  Save some for us!

Author: Frank Gonzalez