Our Pigskin Prognosticating Puggle Hammers Another Correct Selection in Our Super Bowl Prediction Tournament (We're 22-and-1!)

2-For-2! Not Bad, But We Can Do Better. (As Long As We Have Honey, The “Super-Bowl-Predicting Dog” Doing The Picking! But First, Some Historical Background On How We Got Here

(Ed. Note: The Annual “Aces Casino Blog Super Bowl Selection Series” was one of our favorite treks into the Blog’s “Theater of the Bizarre” from our inception in 1994, to February. 2016.  The various animals that made all of our picks racked up 21 winners in a row, until Onyx, the Zoo Panther, selected Carolina, which lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.  Because of the loss, the blog staff at that time decided to not make any more Super Bowl selections, that the shine was lost.

Not so.  

So, after taking two years off, and passing on Super Bowls 51 and 52, the Aces Casino Blog has decided to return to the companies’ irreverent roots, and re-activate the Aces Casino Entertainment Super Bowl 53 Selection Series, taking a record of 21 wins and one loss into Super Bowl 53.  

And, to help things along in the history of the selections, we’ve decided to re-play one of the older Aces Casino Blog posts, that chronicled the history of the “picks.”  This Blog post originally aired on February 4th, 2016.  Let the historical lesson begin.)

Without question, the staff here at Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast) has been blessed with what is the best job in the world.  Think about it — We get to bring our crazy casino party crew to some of the best events in southern California, hob-nob with tons of great celebs and super clients, and also, one other thing — We call it our second job —

Picking Super Bowl winners.

Well, it really didn’t start out that way.  Our fine orange county casino party company was founded back on April 15th, 1994, and found that what we all did better than anyone else in our industry was provide state-of-the-art Las Vegas night casino parties, and truly entertain each and every one of our hundreds of clients better than anyone else around with our kooky, irreverent style.  People just love us.

So, near the end of our first year, when the annual NFL Championship Game came around, also known as the Super Bowl,  well, we thought it would be fun to supply the world with our selection of the winner of the game, “in our own irreverent style.”  We figured who best to make the picks for us than our theme park-neighbor, Henny Penny, from Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park.  Here’s the link to that chronological chicken-pickin’ history….

Well, Henny picked the 49ers that fine day back in early 1995 (Ed. Note: before the internet, unfortunately), so, each and every year thereafter, we’d wander back over to Knott’s, pester the handler of the chicken until he’d let us use that piano-playing prognosticator for our evil gambling deeds, and have Henny pick another winner.  Which she did.  (Dallas.)

And Another.  (Green Bay.)

And Another.  (Denver, which we thought was a SURE loser vs. the Packers.)   And Another.  (Denver, AGAIN.)

All totaled, That darned egg-laying wizard picked SEVENTEEN SUPER BOWL WINNERS IN A ROW, closing out the show with her winning pick of Green Bay on February 1st, 2011.  Here’s the link to that piece of history…. Then came the saddest day of our football lives – Two local news channels (Ed. Note: From a tip we provided. Hey, free advertising.  Can’t beat THAT.) came to chronicle Henny’s Super Bowl 46 pick over at the theme park.  Unfortunately, when we arrived with our two helmets to pick from like every year prior, the Berry Farm’s security put an immediate stop to the show, claiming (truthfully, as we found out) that the Henny Penny setup had been “retired,” and was no longer an exhibit at the park.

No one knew where the chicken was (Ed. Note: We could all GUESS, of course, with the Chicken Dinner restaurant just 40 yards away), and found we were out of luck.  And… Promptly escorted out of the building. 

Well, if you know ANYTHING about Aces Casino Entertainment, you KNEW that we would find another way to get our selection.  So, we searched the internet for any qualified animal that could continue our tradition. So, in 2012, we turned to Papa, the miniature donkey, who promptly picked the New York Giants (Ed. Note: Gasp! We thought that was a loser for sure, against the 18-0 Patriots!)… Here’s that pick….

The GIANTS??  Hey, that’s why we use animals. Winn-ah, winn-ah..

In 2013 (after Papa’s handlers told us to go away and not bother them for any more picks), we turned to Baby, the pigskin-predicting pachyderm, and got our 19th straight win….

Go Ravens!  (In our most controversial pick.)

Now, when Baby picked up the Ravens melon, we immediately went with that pick, and voted NOT to go with someone’s idea that the ravens would be “eaten” by the 49ers.  Hey, we’ve always gone with the first touch, and the Ravens were that.  Check out the vid for yourself, that’s a winner!

2014 was Teddy Bear, the Hedgehog.  (Ed. Note: It’s a PORCUPINE, you dope, NOT a Hedgehog!)  This pick, I agreed with. 

2015 turned out to be our first snafu, when we picked Honey, the Aces Casino Mascot / Puggle, to make the pick for SB 49.  But, after many tries across two days to provide her with the chance to make history,  she declined every time.  Here’s THAT link…

Nice goin’, Honey.  Angel fan, should have known.

No problem…. The selection is in for Super Bowl 50, the pick was made on Monday, February 1st, by Onyx, the Panther from the Miami Zoological Society (Ed. Note: Just search our archives for THAT pick), and we’re going for an unprecedented 21 straight winners.  Enjoy the Super Bowl, and we’ll see you back here on Monday, with the Pickin’-post-mortems!

Author: Frank Gonzalez